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Heritage Hogs and Family Fun

Enjoy the fresh air, fresh produce and friendly animals at Passel Hills Farm, located on Smith Mountain Lake. We are so much more than a farm - we are a meeting place where friends and families gather for activities and family fun.  Come visit us at Passel Hills Farm!


Piglets Available!

January 2022:
We have 8 AGH feeder piglets available. They are about 25lbs.  We will have a new litter of Kune Kune piglets ready by April.  Also more AGH piglets in June 2022.


Our Products

Heritage Hogs and Local Produce

Are you looking to purchase a heritage hog or local produce? Look no further. Passel Hills Farm is known for its American Guinea Hogs and a wide variety of seasonal produce. Contact us to see what piglets are available to purchase. Our small, family farm store is filled with fresh choices all year long. Thank you for supporting your local farmers.  We hope to expand our livestock and produce offerings in 2022.

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American Guinea Hogs: The best hogs for your backyard. The American Guinea Hog is known as the original American homesteading hog. Found on many small farms and homesteads in the American Southeast until the early 1900s, the American Guinea Hog is having a come back due to their friendly personality and unique features. Our team can educate you on the benefits this heritage breed offers.

Fresh Eggs

Our chickens are free range which produces the best quality eggs. We use local source non-GMO feed.  Pick up fresh eggs today at Passel Hills Farm!

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